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NFL starlights ‘starlight’ cinema

NFL starlight is getting the love it deserves.

The NFL announced Tuesday it has acquired the movie company Starlight Cinema for $200 million in cash and stock, a deal that also includes Starlight’s other entertainment properties, including its live theater franchise.

The deal marks the latest acquisition by the NFL, which also has acquired other film and television studios in recent years.

Starlight is best known for producing the hit animated film, “Roots,” and is also producing a series of TV shows.

The company also has produced films including “DuckTales,” “The Lion King” and “Rise of the Guardians of the Galaxy.”

Starlight is expected to make a few films this year, including “Roses” and a sequel, but it also has plans to produce films like “American Hustle” and upcoming action film “Caveman,” according to The Hollywood Reporter.

It has also been producing movies with the likes of “Pete’s Dragon” and the Oscar-winning “The Lego Movie.”

Starlit’s movie theater franchise has sold more than 10 million tickets, and the company has plans for several more movie theaters, according to THR.