What you need to know about Lego and its upcoming films

A lot of the excitement around Lego’s upcoming slate of movies and TV shows comes from the Lego Movie, which stars Peter Dinklage as the protagonist of the film.

The movie has become a cult hit with audiences, and the movie will be shown again and again at cinemas across the U.S. and Canada.

The Lego Movie will play at the Legoland Movie and Arcade on October 27.

Lego’s newest line of movie and TV series are set to make their debut in 2018.

Lego will also have a movie theater opening in Las Vegas, Nevada, and a new showroom in Los Angeles in 2018, the company announced.

In the first two years of 2018, Lego will expand the number of movie theaters and theaters in the United States and Canada to more than 300.

For 2018, it will have an expanded movie theater in San Francisco, which opened in 2020, and it will open a theater in Toronto in 2021.

The next two years will see the Lego theme park in Orlando expand to 12 locations, and more are planned for 2021. 

In 2018, LEGO is expanding its movie and television studio, as it is hiring hundreds of people to help produce more movies and other content.

Lego also said it is opening a new headquarters in Austin, Texas, in 2019.

The company has also begun production of a new digital studio called Lego Studios in Chicago. 

At the same time, Lego has been busy creating new content for Lego Play, a mobile app that allows users to build their own Lego sets and customize them for different types of play.

The new Lego app will be available on Android and iOS this year. 

The company has expanded its Lego-themed events across the country in 2018 and in 2019, with shows in Las Angeles, Atlanta, Chicago, Detroit, Orlando, Sacramento, St. Louis, Tampa, and Washington, D.C. Lego also announced it would be opening an interactive Lego-related show in 2019 at the Disney World resort in Florida. 

And last year, the Lego company opened its new headquarters at the Anaheim Convention Center in California, which is slated to open in 2021 and be the company’s fourth new headquarters to date. 

This year’s release of the Lego Batman movie is also set to have a large impact on the Lego universe. 

Bryan Cranston stars as Batman, a character that has become synonymous with the Lego brand since the company first unveiled the iconic toy in 1998.

Lego, the iconic toys company, also has its own Batman film in the works. 

Fans of the show will be treated to some of the biggest Lego toys in the world this year, with the company launching the Lego Ninjago series of figures at its upcoming retail store on September 14.