How to get the best movies at the cinema with a ‘big screen’ guide

FILMMAKERS: How to find the best movie tickets in the best theaters.

We’ve got a look at how to buy the best seats in a movie theater, the best seating locations, how to get a discount and more.

Now, we have a look inside some of the best cinemas in the world.

There are also a few that are still around and we have an insider look at the most luxurious and unique movie houses around the world…and yes, we even got to see the best live entertainment.

Here’s our rundown on where to see some of Hollywood’s biggest and best.

The Best Movie Tickets: 1.

Theaters in Los Angeles: Best seats in LA are in the Beverly Hilton Hotel and the Beverly Hills Hotel, and the Plaza Hotel.

This is a prime spot to see any blockbuster, including the Oscars.


The Hollywood Palladium: This massive movie house is a world-class place to watch movies.

Located in Hollywood, it is a massive, multi-story movie theater that has been around for nearly 100 years.

It features a giant screen that shows all the big films.

You can get seats in the upper floors or even in the front lobby for $35-$40 per person.


The Mandarin Oriental: Located in Hong Kong, the Mandarin Oriental has been a popular destination for Chinese visitors for nearly two centuries.

You have to go through an elaborate maze of security checks to enter.


The Palladium Theatre: Located at the Hollywood Pallada, this movie theater has been in operation since 1964.

You will find an amazing view of the Los Angeles skyline, which is why it’s called “The City of Angels.”

The theater is an epicenter for movie-goers and is the perfect spot to watch a blockbuster.


The Plaza: Located right on the edge of Los Angeles, the Plaza is a must-see spot for anyone who loves the city.

There is an incredible rooftop view and you will never miss a film.


The Arclight: Located on the Paramount lot in downtown L.A., the Arclights is an iconic building on the Hollywood Strip.

It has seats for more than 1,000 people and offers a view of Hollywood from the lobby.


The Beacon Theatre: The Beacon is the heart of Hollywood and is located on the Sunset Strip.

There you can enjoy movies on the big screen, as well as have a beer or wine with friends.


The Roxy Cinema: Located downtown L:The Roxy is the premiere cinema in Los Angeles and one of the most famous locations in the movie industry.

It is an absolute must-visit for movie lovers, and there are two levels of seating for those wanting a more intimate experience.


The Westin: Located along the Los Feliz River, the Westin has a stunning view of Los Angelas.

You get to enjoy the most expensive movies in the country, including some of your favorite films, on a private deck overlooking the River.


The Avalon: Located off of the 405 freeway in Pasadena, this upscale hotel is the place to be.

This location is perfect for a private event or a business meeting.


The Beverly Hilton: This is the most exclusive of all Hollywood’s film houses.

Located on Hollywood Boulevard, it features a beautiful lobby and an incredible view of downtown Los Angeles.


The Palms Hotel: This luxury hotel sits right next to the Hollywood Bowl.

It offers a spectacular view of Downtown L. a view that makes this the perfect place to go to relax.


The Lincoln Center: Located just off the 405, this theater has the perfect location for an intimate screening.


The Mirage: Located a few blocks from downtown LAC, this location is a popular gathering place for people to watch and party.


The Paramount Theater: This venue has the most sophisticated seating in the city and is one of Hollywoods most popular venues.


The Grand Hyatt Hotel: Located near Hollywood, this is the second-oldest hotel in the area.

It’s a place to catch some great films and hang out with your friends.


The Bel-Air: Located adjacent to the LAC Museum of Art, this historic hotel is one the most popular in L. A. 18.

The Crowne Plaza: This iconic venue has seating for up to 1,800 people and is a beautiful venue for weddings and other events.


The Palace Theatre: This location has seats that can seat more than 2,000 and is an amazing location for weddings.


The Dolby Theatre: With a beautiful view of L. Angeles, this venue is perfect to watch some of LA’s biggest films.


The Four Seasons Hotel: A favorite location for moviegoers in Hollywood.

The 4 Seasons is a great place to hang out for dinner and a drink after the big night.


The Grove: Located next