‘Black Cinema: An Indian Tale’ from ‘Black Film Festival’

Crockett Cinema, a premier Indian cinema series, returns for its fourth season at Tucson’s Crocketts Cinemas on April 23.

This year, Crockets is looking to bring back one of the genre’s most enduring favorites: Black Cinema Movies.

Crocket stars and produces the series and has made it clear that the new series will be a departure from the usual fare.

It will feature films from a variety of Indian film studios, including Cinefamily, the Indian Cinemas and Cinemacom, and will be produced by the company’s parent company, Crocks Cinema Holdings Pvt.


The series is also looking to expand its focus on diversity in film production.

“This year we have seen an incredible rise in the number of Black filmmakers, who are creating a vibrant community of talent and producing films for the world to enjoy,” said Arun Gupta, Crocker’s CEO.

“With Black Cinema, we are taking a bold step to celebrate our own history and tell a story that’s worth celebrating in the world.”

Crockett’s latest series, titled Black Cinema: Black Movies, was announced in November, and it has so far screened at 11 venues in the U.S. and Canada.

The new season will debut on April 25.

Crockets will be releasing the film Black Cinema Movie at theaters across the U