Seat Selection

What’s the best movie to watch while you’re waiting for regal to open?

regal cinemas 1616 is opening in the US on Friday, June 23rd and the UK on Friday June 24th. 

 The film follows a group of teenagers as they wait to catch regal’s opening weekend show in London. 

The story follows a young woman who is obsessed with regal. 

Regal will be releasing two films on the same day in the UK, Regal: The Story of a Legendary Film, and Regal, a story of the life of one of the greatest film directors in history, Sir Richard Attenborough. 

It is an adaptation of a book by Mark Rylance. 

We have also added a trailer to this post that shows the film, which can be found here. 

This film is a sequel to Regal that was released in 2017. 

You can watch the trailer for the movie here.

We also have a new video, which you can watch below, showing the film’s world premiere in London on June 23, 2017.