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What’s next for Cinema Free Edinburgh?

Cinema Free Scotland has been shut down for two weeks after the government decided to cut funding to the organisation.

The move is the latest blow to the charity which had raised £2.5m from donations and its volunteers since the start of the financial year.

Cinema Free Scotland’s director of events, James McEwan, said: “Our main priority is to find a new venue for our charity to operate in and to be able to keep working with the community to build on our network and the positive impact that it has already had in helping people who have been affected by the recent floods.”

He said the move would affect up to 2,500 people who were looking for jobs at cinema cafes.

“We’ve had an influx of applications from people looking for employment, and we’re also hearing from people who are trying to get on the ground floor of what we’ve been doing,” he said.

The organisation has been trying to find the right venue, but will need to work with the local council to make sure the new venue meets all of its criteria.

McEwan said the money from the new funding would help with the organisation’s needs, such as hiring staff and moving equipment.

The Government said the decision to shut down Cinema Free was based on “economic circumstances” and that the decision would be reviewed in due course.

It said the funding was intended to support a variety of programmes, including the work of the Salvation Army and the Northern Ireland Homelessness Partnership.

Crowdfunding charity DonateNow is offering a £5,000 grant for any organisation that can show the Government that it can be funded.

You can donate online to the Centre for Community Care, a non-profit organisation that runs a number of homeless shelters and crisis centres in Scotland.

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