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‘I love you, bro’: The true story of a movie theater shooting in Orlando

The true tale of an Orlando movie theater gunman who killed at least six people, and then himself, in a shooting spree has been revealed in a chilling new documentary.

In a documentary titled ‘The Killing’ , the first to be released in a year, journalist Michael Moore and director Matt Ritchie reveal the horrifying truth behind the Pulse nightclub shooting in the US, and how the killer, Omar Mateen, managed to acquire the guns and ammunition he used in the attack.

Moore, who co-wrote the documentary with Ritchie, said the gunman was inspired by the events in Dallas in 1963, when the city was rocked by civil unrest following the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr.

The Orlando shooting occurred in June 2016, when Mateen was already in a relationship with an unidentified woman.

Moore said he knew he was the target of a mass shooting in which dozens of people were killed, and the gunman wanted to inflict mass trauma on the city.

In the film, the gunman is seen speaking to two FBI agents in an Orlando hotel room.

The agents say he wanted to kill the FBI agents, who were there to stop him from shooting at the nightclub.

“We have to kill them,” he said, before shooting the agent.

“I know I can do it,” the agent said.

“You’ll see what happens when you do.”

The FBI agents were not killed, but several others were.

The FBI was investigating Mateen for the massacre, which was claimed by the Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) group.

The shooting took place at the Pulse gay nightclub, where hundreds of people had gathered to watch the show Star Wars: The Last Jedi, when Omar Mateens brother Omar Mateenhofen opened fire on the crowd, killing 49 people.

Mateen had been married to his wife, Sitora Yusufiy, for two years, and they had two young children together.

The two had been living in Florida for the past year and were married in January.

In his own manifesto, Mateen had said he was inspired to attack the gay club after seeing the footage of a police officer shot and killed by a man in an armed car in Orlando.

“There are no gay people in Orlando,” he wrote.

“The only gay people are the terrorists.”

In the documentary, Moore said the shooting was the catalyst for the Orlando shooting.

“In Orlando, in the middle of the night, the police officers are all shot in the head,” he told the crew.

“This is the catalyst.”

The movie has been called a documentary about an unspeakable crime, and was screened at the Cannes Film Festival, where it was hailed as an inspiring film about the dark and tragic history of America.

“The Killing” is the first film to feature a director and co-writer, who said they were not afraid to be controversial.

“As a documentary filmmaker, we can’t shy away from any subject and we can never go too far with our films,” Moore told Buzzfeed.

“That’s the beauty of a documentary.

If you have something controversial and you go too much, it can make you a target.””

We were never afraid to talk about what we thought were taboo subjects,” he added.

“We were just going to go ahead and tell you the truth.”