How to make a movie you can actually afford

The next time you’re in need of an extra budget, look no further than the bakersfields bakers, as this list of affordable film and TV shows can be found on their official YouTube channel. 

A list of shows and films that will keep you occupied for at least two hours can be daunting, but if you’re able to keep yourself entertained, the list below is a great way to keep you busy for at most three hours.

If you can’t afford this list, check out our list of the Best New Movies, and check out this list for the Best TV Shows. 

Bollywood, Indian movies,and Bollywood TV,Indian films and Indian shows in general, are some of the best things to watch on TV in 2017, and the Bollywood Cinema and TV series offers an easy and affordable way to binge watch Bollywood films and TV serials. 

Cinema Bollywood, Bollywood Movies,Bollywood TV: The Top 10 TV Shows in Bollywood source MTVnews (UK), The 10 Best Bollywood Shows in 2017 article The following list is comprised of movies, TV shows,and shows in Indian films and Bollywood.

It’s worth noting that these shows are only listed for the UK, and they will vary in quality depending on the source.

 These 10 films are worth watching, and not all of them will appeal to everyone, but they do provide a good introduction to Indian films.

These 10 are: Bharat Ratna: An American version of the popular Bollywood movie Ratna (The Beautiful One), in which Rani is the lead. 

Lalita Bollywood: A romantic comedy starring a young woman. 

Tekha Bollywood – A thriller set in the Baniyas’ neighborhood in New Delhi, where the residents are all Baniya-s, including a young girl who becomes involved with the Bania clan. 

Mangaluru: A crime drama with an Indian setting, based on a true story. 

Manohar Bollywood : A romantic drama starring an American actor. 

Shyamangala Bollywood , A romantic drama with a South Indian setting. 

Dharmatara: A comedy about a teenage girl who moves to Mumbai to pursue her dream of becoming a singer. 

Sampath Bollywood Aka: A Bollywood film starring Amitabh Bachchan and Pritam Kapoor. 

Mahabharat: A political drama about the 1984 riots, starring Shah Rukh Khan and Arjun Kapoor in a British accent. 

Kishore Bollywood Bollywood Film Festival: A biopic of the film producer and director, Kishore. 

Vikas Bollywood Theatre: Theatre, which includes the Bajrangi Bhaijaan and Rishikesh, as well as Kishor Bollywood’s Mahabharata. 

Anand Mahabhoomi: An epic fantasy set in ancient India. 

Folk music: The Kalyan Bollywood Orchestra, which is also the music director. 

Pondography: A British television series featuring a British-Indian musician. 

The Black Label Band: An international band from London that sings and performs under the moniker Black Label. 

India: A huge film and television production studio that produces Indian films, including such acclaimed productions as The Golden City, The Lion King, The Great Wall, and The Three Kings. 

Arjun Kapur: An Indian film actor who has worked with actors including Anushka Sharma, Deepika Padukone, and Shah Rukhs Khan. 

Parvati: A film about a Hindu girl and her husband. 

Raghuvansha: A television drama starring Arjun, directed by Arjun’s brother, Rahul. 

Samarthanam –  A romantic thriller set around a village in rural Maharashtra. 

Yogesh Ambani: An entrepreneur and philanthropist who has donated millions of dollars to Indian charities and schools. 

Ganguli A film and a TV series about a young couple, who are a couple, when they find out that their friend’s family has been hiding their relationship. 

Delhi: A movie about a couple that move to India to escape the violence that is plaguing their city. 

Tamil Nadu: A popular romantic comedy set in Tamil Nadu, India.  Tillani A drama set in a fictional Indian village in the Kurukshetra district of Tamil Nadu. 

Amrita: A drama series about an Indian-origin American actress. 

Nirbhaya A comedy about an American woman who works as a cook in a local restaurant. 

Hindus: A Hindi film that has a strong Hindu element, and is directed by the award-winning director Rajamouli Bose. Ujj