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‘Hate to say it’: ‘I’ll take a beating’ for booing Disney movie

On Wednesday, a group of angry parents from New York’s Hudson Valley were caught on video booing a new Disney movie that is based on their own experience.

The kids in the video are reportedly upset about a scene in which they are being bullied and called names.

In the scene, a character called “Hate To Say It” is playing on the playground.

When a bully asks him to leave, the kid replies, “That’s why I’m a kid.”

The kid then says, “If you want to play with me, go ahead.”

After the kid leaves, another kid asks, “What happened?”

The kid replies: “I had a horrible day, I’m sorry.”

Disney, which released the film, has since apologized for the video, and it has since been removed from the shelves of the New York Stock Exchange.

The Hudson Valley group is now demanding a refund.

“They should have never put that on the screen,” one parent told Fox News.

“That was awful.”

A spokesperson for Disney said they were “disappointed” with the video and are taking it down.

Disney has since released a statement, saying:”Disney is proud to be a part of the Hudson Valley and has been for years, and we are sorry that the footage was offensive to our community.

We have removed the video immediately from the Disney Store and the Disney app, and are in contact with the kids to see if they can provide us with more information about the situation.”

Disney has not commented on the controversy surrounding the video.

The video has been viewed nearly 7 million times on Facebook.