Apple’s Apple Cinema Display, Troy Point’s new theaters and other new projects

With the fall film season underway, a lot of theater owners have been busy looking for ways to get their work into theaters.

Troy Point is one of those businesses.

Troy Point opened its first new theater, TroyPoint, in April.

Now the company has more than 20 theaters under construction, with many more to come.

Trent Williams, a Troy Point director of development, said it was easy to see why Apple had chosen TroyPoint as a prime location for its Apple CinemaDisplay system.

“Theres so much more room in theaters now than ever before, so there’s more room to make movies,” Williams said.

The company also has plans to expand TroyPoint’s theater capacity by 10% to 15% annually, according to Williams.

That would mean more than 2,200 seats in the theater, which will have the capacity to seat 50,000 people.

Tubbs Park Theater, which is located in the city’s West End neighborhood, is also expected to open in 2017.

The venue, which was initially built in 2011, is a new production space, according a release from the theater’s owners, the Downtown Theatre District.

The new theater will be located next to a new retail space called the TroyPoint Gallery, which opened in the fall.

“It is our hope that Troy Point will be a hub of the Troy Point neighborhood in the future,” Troy Point said in a statement.

Tulsa’s Broadway Theater, a theater that has been operating in downtown Tulsa for nearly 40 years, has also expanded.

The theater is the latest in a string of new theater developments, including a planned addition in 2019 that will include a new movie house.

The Tulsa Theater Association said in the release that its members were excited about the new addition, which it said will add approximately 250 seats to the theater.

The new space is expected to be open to the public in mid-October, and the group plans to open an exhibition of works by the Tulsa Opera in mid to late 2019.

The organization also plans to work with the Tulsa Film Commission on a new film project for 2019.

Tulane University, which began its life as a music theater in the 1920s, opened its last new theater in 2016.

But the university, which serves students and faculty, plans to renovate the building in 2018.

The university’s board of trustees approved the purchase of the theater last year.

The lease will include “a new theater building for a new theater” and the ability to lease additional space for future uses, the release said.