Why the NFL’s Regal Cinemas closing in Cleveland

The NFL is closing its largest movie theater in Cleveland, which had been the biggest tenant in the building.

Regal Entertainment Group announced Tuesday that it would be closing the Regal Cleveland, a 20,000-square-foot space at 1101 N. Ohio St. in Cleveland’s Lorain County.

It’s not yet known when the theater will reopen, but the company says the building will be “fully renovated.”

The company will not disclose the name of the theater.

The Cleveland Cavaliers are in Cleveland at the time of the closing, according to

The theater was scheduled to open Dec. 16.

In the news: The NFL said Tuesday that Cleveland Cavaliers star LeBron James is moving to London, where he will be the head coach of the English Premier League club Tottenham Hotspur.

“LeBron will be joining a squad that includes former Cavs teammates Kevin Love, Kyrie Irving, and Anthony Bennett,” the league said in a statement.

“We expect that the team will be in the London arena for the start of the 2017 season.”

Regal’s Cleveland location has been the top tenant in Cleveland since the franchise began in 1994.

The company has opened theaters in Indianapolis, Nashville, and St. Louis.

The new theater will be located at the corner of N. 13th Street and Cleveland Avenue, across from the Regency Cleveland, Regal Hollywood, and Regal Regency.

Regals main tenant in St. Charles, Missouri, will close Jan. 13.

Regall is closing two more locations in St Charles, Mo., which will close Dec. 19.

The St. John’s, Ill., store opened in 2013.

The stores locations include Regal Center, Regall Cinemas, Regalls Regal Cinema, and the Regall Regal Mall.

The store is currently under renovation, and there is no word yet on when the building is expected to reopen.

Regalfor has three more locations planned in Indianapolis.

The locations include the Regals Regal, Regalfo Regalfi, and a Regalfortown Regalfa store.

The Regalfons Regal center, located at 1119 W. Main St., is expected open in 2019.

Regard Mall will be closing Dec. 13, and is expected be open in 2020.

Regare will close in 2017, according the Cleveland Plain Dealer.

Regalls St. Petersburg, Fla., location will close March 16, and will be demolished.

The outlet mall in St Petersburg will be open again in 2018.

Regarland, a Regal mall in Florida, will be closed in 2019, the Orlando Sentinel reported.

Regarras St. Paul, Minn., location is expected reopen in 2018 and is planned to be the largest outlet mall with more than 2 million square feet of retail space.

Regains Miami Beach, Fla.

will close on June 7.

The shopping center is expected reopening on June 14.

The chain store is one of the largest retailers in the state.

It will be renamed Regal Superstore, according Regal.

The Mall of America at the University of Phoenix is expected next year to open.

The mall’s current location will be relocated to the mall’s next location in Florida.

The next phase of the Mall of Americas expansion will include the opening of new stores in Chicago and Minneapolis.

Regaltree, which has been in the shopping center since 1997, will not be able to reopen until 2020.

The brand will be rebranded Regal in 2019 and the brand will relocate to another location in the same shopping center, the Associated Press reported.

The city of Minneapolis has not yet announced when it will re-open the mall.

Regas Mall in St Paul, Minnesota, will reopening in 2019 is expected.

The downtown mall will reopen with new tenants in 2020, according its website.

The U.S. Supreme Court has ordered the city of St. Peter to re-schedule the reopening of the mall, as the court has already vacated the lease.

The building is currently empty.

The first phase of Regaltrees expansion is scheduled to begin in 2020 with the opening to retail and restaurants, according a statement from the mall operator.

Regars first phase is expected in 2019 to open with the expansion of its restaurants and retail space, the statement said.

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