New Golden Ticket Cinemas open in Mumbai for movie fans

Mumbai: New Golden Tickets Cinemas is opening cinema-themed restaurants, bars and restaurants across Mumbai.

The first phase of the chain, which opened in September, is in operation at Bhatnagar, Ghatkopar, Dharavi, Nihalvan, Vadodara, and Surat and it will soon open a chain of new eateries and cafes in Mumbai.

The chain, named Golden Ticket Cinema, has been running in Mumbai since January, opening its first cinema in Bhatnaagar on November 30.

The first phase, which is expected to have 100 outlets, is expected be operational from January 15.

The chain’s Mumbai branch, which currently operates at 12 locations, is set to open its first shop on December 4.

The Golden Ticket chain has launched a digital cinema channel in Mumbai that allows patrons to order cinema tickets and films through the website.

The channel has recently started a trial with three of the five movies screened at the Mumbai Cinemas that were screened in the film festival that opened earlier this month.