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Canon Cinema Camera to be announced at CES 2017

A new Canon Cinema camera is coming to the world of gaming soon, according to reports.

A Canon Cinema smartphone is due to launch in early 2018, according the Wall Street Journal.

The device is said to be a flagship model, and is reportedly based on the new 10-megapixel sensor.

The camera’s sensor has a maximum resolution of up to 4,560 x 3,200 pixels.

Canon announced the Cinema camera at CES in Las Vegas last month, and the company is expected to unveil it at the show in early 2019.

A source at Canon has confirmed to Crypto Coins that the camera will launch at the company’s showroom in Las Angeles, California, in early 2020.

The company did not specify a release date, but said it will be available in both a flagship and a mid-range version.